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Event Review: ICT Automation - servers followed by firewall and network (September 14, 2018)

The ASUT Seminar brought together around 20 ICT representatives from a variety of industry segments. Anton Klee, CEO atrete, lectured about the very current subject of automation.


Content of the lecture:


  1. "ICT industrialized": The early stages
  2. SDN everywhere
  3. Automation in general
  4. Network
  5. Firewall rules application process
  6. Our recommendations for automation



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WEBINAR: Microsegmentation - do I need this? Recording now available




atrete presented on June 12 insides around the topic "Microsegmentation". To watch the recording in German:

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WEBINAR Recording: The Future of Collaboration, 16.1.2018




atrete presents insides around the topic "The Future of Collaboration" (Webinar in German language).


To view:

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WEBINAR: The road to a Digital Workplace, 20.9.2017, 16:00h

atrete will present insides around the topic "Digital Workplace" (in German language).


The webinar is still online. To watch the recording, please follow this link:


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CELEBRATION: 20-years atrete (Barfussbar / Frauenbadi Zurich, 11 May 2017)

Over 100 people celebrated on the Thursday evening, 11th of May, the 20th anniversary of atrete in the very special Frauenbadi/Barfussbar in Zurich. The very nice spring evening helped to make our party a real success.


Neo&Neo brought their own songs with them for a Indie-Folk style concert.  


Below a few impressions:

Blog: ALL IP

The VoIP revolution has not materialised – instead, IP has evolved and permeated fixed line telephony. 

Affectionately referred to as POTS (Plain Old Telephony System) in the English-speaking world, TDM-based voice communication is in decline. IP protocols, first among them SIP, are well-established now and all-IP has become a reality.


Infrastructure managers in the business world will wake up to this fact, at the latest when their TVAs have reached the end of the line or UCC is about to be introduced to their company.

Patrick Bichler, Head of Infrastructure, SFS Group: “In the course of our strategic telephony update, we also considered ‘all-IP' and the convergence of voice and data networks. atrete provided very competent professional support. We are now well-prepared for our imminent roll-out in Switzerland and look forward to joining forces again to tackle further challenges in the international environment.”

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